Coach Liz is the driving force behind CrossFit Become. The “box” (CrossFit jargon for “gym”) began with individualized and small group instruction out of a chiropractic/PT office, time spent in a garage, and personal training. True to our roots, we still offer private CrossFit and post-rehab training.

Liz herself went from barely being able to run a 14 minute mile to CrossFit/powerlifting, yoga, spinning, trail runs, hikes, even salsa dance. She saw great personal gains (single mile time alone went from 14:00 to 6:05) and far less injury and pain at the onset of a more holistic approach to training and living. Training less yet seeing better results drove her to share her passions with others on a grand scale.

Having been overweight, struggling with body image issues and eating disorders, she knows what it is like to look at the instructor in the “body pump” class and believe that could NEVER be her. To envy it. To want it. Then, to surpass that level of fitness and be at a level she never dreamed achievable. She sat behind a desk and computer and avoided the stairs for years, sort-of bragging to her colleagues that even though she worked in a fitness center, she would “never work out…” it “wasn’t her.”

The truth is, Liz appeared successful on the outside, but inside, she was unhappy. She did not believe she was truly worthy of more. Of BECOMING the person she was destined to be. Now, Liz is working toward total self-acceptance and self-love. She says, “I may be the only gym owner who will tell you your body is perfect, but it is. Today. Your body is a gift no matter where you are starting from right now.” Small but powerful, she is a role model for her peers and those around her. Liz is passionate about getting outdoors and away from a desk, using functional and correct postural movement patterns for better living, full mobility, eating clean, living a more and more holistic and balanced lifestyle, finding your true life’s purpose, and loves to see the joy in others that true wellness brings them.

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