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Merry, Bright & Light! A Guilt Free Holiday Treat

  Here at Crossfit Become, we believe life is all about balance. Balance is the cornerstone to a healthy lifestyle. Knowing when to indulge, when to work your butt off at the box, and when to let your body recover. We believe that everything in moderation is the key to all around wellness. During the [...]

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I am thankful for…..exercise

Gratitude, the Brain, and Exercise Hey everyone! Well the time is upon us…’tis the season to be thankful! Since I hope we all had a wonderful time stuffing ourselves with some delicious Turkey (or non-turkey) protein, let’s chat about gratitude and exercise. Yes, those two things are actually related. Exercise and gratitude lend themselves to [...]

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Instagram, Pinterest, and Chocolate Oh My!

We have some exciting news….Crossfit Become now has an Instagram and a Pinterest page! Now you have even more ways to keep up with the fun things going on at the gym, motivational quotes/pictures, recipes and more! If you didn’t know before, we also have a Twitter so there are tons of ways to stay [...]

Introduction to Kelsey (Great minds think alike)

Good morning everyone! I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself (for those of you who didn’t get to witness my very first CrossFit experience), and let you know how excited I am to be part of the CrossFit Become family! You all have such a great community here and I can’t wait to [...]

Holistic Living: Bringing it All Together

Holistic living is a key element to help you embrace who you truly are – inside and out – over time. Lifestyle changes – nutrition, identifying and letting go of any type of addiction or co-dependence, finding peace and calm during stress, and clearing blockages, both mental and physical, combine to transform each individual’s life. Profound [...]

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