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“Personal attention and a friendly community. Liz is able to work with all levels of fitness to help you achieve your goals. Even if you don’t believe in yourself, believe in the trainer that believes in you.” – Angelo Witten
Angelo Witten
“Wonderfully supportive Coach. Amazingly fun and encouraging workout “mates”. Always learning, always improving, always BECOMING something new and different.” – Laurie Price
Laurie Price
“My mobility, strength, and energy level have greatly increased after joining CrossFit Become (CFB). I gave up running and most exercise after back surgery (22 years ago). Now, after working with Liz and CFB, I am running 5K races! Also, my overall health and outlook has improved. CFB requires effort, but really is enjoyable and provides solid results. ” – Steve Thuber
Steve Thuber
“I have worked out at Crossfit Become since the beginning on May. I love the Coach, the camaraderie, and the results!!!! It has BECOME my happy place!”
– Lisa Cooperstein
Lisa Cooperstein
“I love my workouts at CF Become! Always challenging, inspiring and everyone who goes is having fun getting fit. Coach Liz is the best” – Dana Ann
Dana Ann
“I’ve exercised for years doing all kinds of things trying to lose weight and it’s never worked in the long term. Somewhere after age 40, I grew up, and the goal changed to being healthy all around. CrossFit and a clean eating framework gives me that. What makes Liz and CrossFit Become different is that Liz and the team support me in being the best me. I have a support group that encourages me to do the best that I can do. I’m not compared to anyone but myself.”
– Rena Strauss
Rena Strauss
“Due to nerve damage in my lower back, I had resigned myself to thinking all I could do was cardio and very little weight-bearing activities. With the Coach’s vigilance on correct form, not letting you lift more than you can lift correctly, in 6 months the nerve damage was imperceptible, and I was lifting more than I ever have! And, for the first time since I had my kids, I feel confident in a bikini!”
-Michelle Monti
Michelle Monti
“Since joining Crossfit Become I feel stronger, healthier, empowered and far more confident. This is not only due to the workouts and training, but to the positive atmosphere, the coaching and all of the support that everyone gives each other.” – Kimberly Moore Soper
Kimberly Moore Soper